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The extra-thin E-Saga electric unit does not require integration into the central heating system. The unit only needs an electric socket connection for it to work. Heat transfer is only via a heating foil with not fluid in the radiator.

A stylish sharp-edge design combined with a large surface will provide heat to hallways. living rooms. vestibules and any other areas where no other heating options are available. It is sure to become a functional interior design element with a wide selection of colours. Both metallic colour variations and colour patterns with a structured surface will further accentuate its features. Moreover. the unit’s appearance can be enhanced with a customer specific print design and further complemented with brushed stainless steel rails.

A fully programmable LED illuminated thermostat enablesuser-friendly control of the electric unit.

The radiator is equipped with IPX4 protection. which prevents the ingress of liquid. The radiator can therefore also be installed in areas with increased humidity. for example in bathrooms. etc.

height [mm] width [mm] heating [W]
1765 456 600
1765 606 900

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